Will Writing Southampton

Will Writing Southampton

Are you looking to have a will written up? Have you considered engaging with the experts here at Access Law Solicitors? Call us today on 023 8214 8800 to enquire about will writing. Southampton customers have benefitted from our expertise for many years, and we can help with all matters of probate and inheritance. Making a will can seem like a daunting task, but with our help; it needn’t be.

Professional Will Writing in Southampton

It’s the thing that so many prefer not to discuss, the usual excuse being that they’re too young to think of such things. Yet you’re never too young to have a will written up. It is certainly advisable to those wishing for peace of mind that their loved ones will be taken care of in the event of their death. Here at Access Law Solicitors, we can help you through the process of will writing. Southampton residents need only call our team to set up a consultation.

Our Southampton Will Writing Services

It’s vital that you make a will, as failure to do so will result in your estate being disposed of under the rules of intestacy. An example would be a couple who are not married and have no children. If one person dies without having a will in place, the estate defaults to their next of kin, which in this case would be their parents or siblings. It’s also advised that you regularly consult with our will writing Southampton team to keep your will up-to-date.

For instance, a will becomes invalid if you marry or re-marry. Likewise, the number of beneficiaries may change over time. Your Executor may also die or be rendered unable to execute the will upon your death. Whether you’re having a new will drawn up or an existing one re-drafted, we can help. As part of will writing in Southampton, we’ll require various details from you that will enable us to create an initial draft.

Once a version of the draft has been approved, it must be signed in the presence of two independent witnesses. Neither witness must be linked to the will itself, e.g. beneficiaries, Executor, etc. For no extra charge, members of our team can also stand witness should you require this. Once signed, we can store your will for you at no extra cost. If you’d like to store it yourself, we recommend somewhere safe and that those who need to know about it can find it.

Services for Will Writing Southampton Residents Can Trust

If you’re unable to come to our offices, we can arrange to draw up a will and have it sent by post or as an attached Word document. We ask that you submit your instructions to us either by post or email so that we can tailor your will accordingly. Alternatively, if you’re in hospital or at home and would prefer for us to come to you, we’re more than happy to do this, again, free of charge.

If you require that someone act on your behalf, Access Law Solicitorscan prepare a Power of Attorney for you. Such an individual will have the authority to sign documents in your name. We can grant two forms of Power of Attorney – limited and general. Limited relates to a single transaction, whereas general gives the individual complete authority in all affairs related to your money and property.

Court of Protection and Deputyship Orders

In many cases, an individual may not be physically or mentally able to sign a Power of Attorney. This could be a factor of old age, ill health, or the result of an accident. If such an individual requires services including will writing, Southampton need only speak with Access Law Solicitors. We can provide home and hospital visits to gather supporting medical evidence which can then be passed along to The Court of Protection.

Their job is to protect those who cannot manage their own decisions and finances. They can delegate a named individual to become a deputy who can then manage the money and estate on behalf of the client. The Court of Protection can also rule on cases involving deprivation of liberty. To find out more, speak to our will writing Southampton team today.


As far as prices go, our Southampton will writing services are all competitively priced:

Will Writing Southampton
  • Single Person – £180
  • Couple – £300
  • Single Person (existing client) – £150*
  • Couple (existing clients) – £270*

*existing client refers only to those who we’ve acted on behalf of in a conveyancing or family matter in the preceding three months.

Why Choose Access Law?

Here at Access Law Solicitors, we’ve been supporting our clients and their families for more than a decade. Experts in all areas of family law, we’re well-placed to deal with matters including divorce, separation, and cases involving children as well as will writing in Southampton. We’re committed to representing our clients in the best possible way. We always conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and will treat every case with complete discretion.

Our reputation for success makes us the only choice worth considering for will writing. Southampton residents have turned to us for years for legal assistance, which we have been more than happy to provide. Established in 2005, we remain dedicated to providing excellent value for all legal services. Our team possess considerable expertise and plenty of experience in their respective fields.

As proud members of the Law Society, we’re proud of our reputation as the best choice for will writing, Southampton has to offer. We carry professional indemnity insurance worth £3 million with Am Trust Europe and are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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