Probate fees and other legal updates

Probate fees and other legal updates

The Probate fees increase is not now going to happen in this Parliament, which is good news, so watch this space to see if and when it will happen. Unfortunately the Probate applications backlog is still over two months so it is still taking a while to obtain Probates, not good if a sale depends on it.

Although, we would hope you come to us for advice in financial matters, we are aware in these days of limited legal aid it is not always possible to use a lawyer. However the Court are aware of this and there is an excellent guide provided by Advice Now relating to finances in divorce and the factors that are taken into account.

The rules relating to building extensions are now being relaxed as set out in this BBC News story:

Civil Partnerships now to be available for all.

On Sunday, 26 May, the Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc) Act 2019 came into force in accordance with section 6(3) of the Act. 

Persons who are not of the same sex are eligible to form a civil partnership in England and Wales (provided that they would be eligible to do so apart from the question of sex). It needs regulations to effect it but these are expected by 31 December 2019.

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