Privately funded Clients and paying for legal advice from Access Law

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Privately funded Clients and paying for legal advice from Access Law

Paying for legal advice and assistance

There are fixed costs for Conveyancing quotes and Wills, and costs in Probate and Power of Attorney.

For litigation cases, if a person does not qualify for public funded Legal Aid, they will need to pay for our legal advice, known as private funding.

Fixed fee advice on your legal issues

We offer an initial fixed fee interview for £75.00 including VAT for 45 minutes.  Fixed fee interviews with Derek Parsons are chargeable at £120.00 including VAT for up to 1 hour 30 minutes.

We also offer some fixed prices for cases, such as the fee for an undefended divorce is £1,200 including the Court fee of £550.00 and VAT.

Charges are based on the hourly rate of the person undertaking the specific work within the file. Partners are charged at £200.00 per hour, Solicitors and Legal Executives £180.00 per hour and other fee earners at £150.00 per hour. These charges are subject to VAT.  The likely costs will be discussed with you and confirmed in writing.

Monthly Payments

Usually a monthly payment plan can be arranged so that the cost is spread out. As long as costs such as Barristers fees and Experts can be provided for as and when needed, we are more than happy to discuss the likely costs and timescales with you.

Pay As You Go

Some clients are happy to deal with their matters themselves on a day to day basis but wish to use our services at key times – such as attending certain important hearings or approving draft statements or documents. If we act in those cases, we are very limited in what we can advise as our retainer is limited to specific tasks but can offer fixed fees.

Applications to Court for a Costs Order

An application can be made in certain circumstances for the other pay to pay the costs in advance of a Court case or as the case progresses. This can be discussed with you.

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