Families and Care Proceedings

If a local authority believes a child is at risk of harm or neglect they can apply for a Court Order to remove the child from the family.  However, what is not always appreciated is this is only applied for after the family has had a chance to work with the Social Workers and see…

Congratulations to the Access Law team for successfully passing our legal aid audit today so we can carry on representing clients under legal aid.

The Government have now widened the evidence that will be accepted to prove domestic abuse. This is to be able to access advice under the family legal aid scheme. This is provided you qualify financially.  There is also no longer any time limit for when the abuse occurred. Contact us for an appointment if you…

Difficult Court Cases

This is a concerning report. Legal aid is available for more cases than people realise and we also offer fixed fee advice, £75 for an initial interview and fixed fee assistance available. Please contact us here or call us on 023 8214 8800. Magistrates say children suffer in family court hearings when their parents have…

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