Difficult Court Cases

This is a concerning report. Legal aid is available for more cases than people realise and we also offer fixed fee advice, £75 for an initial interview and fixed fee assistance available. Please contact us here or call us on 023 8214 8800. Magistrates say children suffer in family court hearings when their parents have…

Benefit changes to come

Many people have help with their mortgage interest if they are receiving benefits such as income support or income based Job Seekers Allowance, now being converted to Universal Credit. It is concerning that this is going to change in April 2018. Support for mortgage interest is scheduled to be axed next April, after which an…

Common law marriage, the myth

We have advised for a long time that there is no such legal term as common law marriage, see our advice page. Living Together   Good to see the media have caught on        

There was some good news in the Budget, no stamp duty payable if you are a first time buyer buying after 22.11.2017 and the purchase price is less than £300,000. See: November 2017 Stamp Duty changes The additional charge for second home owners still applies.  

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