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Collaborative Law & Mediation


If there are disputes over children and/or finances, wherever possible we will encourage you to see an independent Mediator in order to attempt to resolve the dispute without the necessity of Court action. You must attempt mediation before applying to Court, apart from in rare circumstances.  If mediation takes place, legal help is available to assist, subject to your financial eligibility although the first appointment is usually free.

Mediation is not binding although any agreement reached may be used to form the basis of a Court Order.

Access Law can offer assistance in drafting an Agreement or Court order after mediation, the costs will be at least £750 plus vat up to £1,500.00 plus vat, depending on the work involved.

Information about mediation and mediators may be found at the National Family Mediation website or the UK College of Mediators.

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A Collaborative Approach

Access Law can also offer, as an alternative to Court-based litigation, a Collaborative Approach to the resolution of child or financial matters following a relationship breakdown. Many clients find that in the long term they have a better relationship with each other as a consequence of such an approach which has a direct benefit for both themselves and any children involved. Derek Parsons is a member of Collaborative Family Lawyers.



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