Access Law passes Specialist Quality Mark Audit

Access Law passes Specialist Quality Mark Audit

Any firm who carries out legally aided work has to have a Specialist Quality Mark (SQM) which is audited every three years.
Access Law are delighted that our SQM was renewed on 23rd July 2020 with no corrective action needed at all and the Auditor commented:
“Good morning Wendy,
It was good to see you all yesterday. Well done again on such a good audit.”
Well done to all our staff for their hard work and input.
“The Specialist Quality Mark (SQM) ensures that:
Members of the public in need of specialist advice receive a quality service; and
The LAA can be confident when procuring legal advice services that those Legal Service Providers with whom they are contracting with have effective quality management processes in place.
The SQM is primarily an organisational standard, designed to help ensure that Legal Services Providers are well run and provide excellent client care.”
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