How to contact us

Our address and Registered Office:-

175-177 Shirley Road,
SO15 3FG,

Tel: 023 8214 8800

Fax: 023 8214 8811


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How to get here:-

From M27:-

map of where to find access law

[Parking in Shirley is FREE (for short-term parking)]

Car parking is available directly in front of our premises.

For a more detailed map enter our postcode (SO15 3FG) into Bing Maps or Google Maps

A word about communication

You should be aware that email is not to be regarded as a confidential means of communication and whilst we will do everything we can to maintain your confidentiality the very nature of email means that this may not always be possible.

If you send us an email message it will be afforded the same importance and priority as it would if sent by post or fax or in a telephone message (ie. communicating by email will not in itself mean that your message gets priority treatment - this would be unfair on clients who use other means of communication).

An email sent is not necessarily an email received. System failures and delays, errors in email addresses and other factors beyond our control may mean that your message does not arrive on time or at all. If you want to know we have received your message then please request a "read receipt" or ask us to acknowledge receipt by email.

If you send us a multi-page document then sending each page as a separate scanned attachment means we spend more time opening and printing each one - it is far better to send the whole thing as a word document attachment (or fax it so we don't have to print it!).

Please try to avoid sending us multiple duplicates by post, fax and email (two copies are usually enough). If you don't trust one method to the extent that you need to back it up by two others then why bother?

There are times when email is actually less quick or convenient... remember that we choose when to pick up our email so if you want to contact us urgently then the fax or telephone may be quicker and more certain.

If you are concerned about what we will do with any information you send us by email then please read our privacy policy

This page last updated 12 - Nov - 2016

Author: G. L. Hewstone