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LATEST INFORMATION 11th December 2015

It is with great sadness that I have been informed of the death of Christine Hewstone (nee Hawken) on 24th October 2015. My sympathies go out to Jim and all her family.

Many thanks to Kelli Vogt for her update!

Notes on the Family Trees

Where uncertainty exists, it is indicated. Dates are in the form day/month/year.

Names in CAPITALS indicate contributors to the information on these pages.

Titles of Sections of the Family trees such as "Sarah's Line" are for ease of reference and navigation only and are not intended to imply any degree of "influence" or "ownership" over the lineage itself; in most cases they simply reflect the contributions of those named.

A WORD version of this family tree and an EXCEL spreadsheet featuring the principal family trees in a more traditional diagrammatic form are available as email attachments on request from G. L. Hewstone at:


George Hewstone b1801, married (a) Martha (b) 1834 at St. James, Paddington to Ann Lovett b1815 d25/6/1876; had 9 Children:
1. Thomas b1824
2. George b1826
3. Richard b c1834.  Recorded as age 17 in 1851 census and listed as the eldest son.  He was recorded as being a coal porter and deaf.
4. Henry James b1835 d26/5/1910 married 24/2/1859 to Marie Sarah Powell b1837 d28/1/1900 [Henry James recorded as an Agricultural Labourer.  Served with the Royal Navy in the Crimean War, receiving the Turkish Medal & the Crimean Medal C1.  From Middlesex, they sailed from England on the ship "Cameo" on 1/3/1859, arriving at Lyttleton, New Zealand on 11/7/1859.  As an ex-serviceman, Henry was recorded as No. 20 on the Christchurch District Roll.  He was Lyttleton Town Crier and worked for Lyttleton Council for most of his life].
5. William Lovett b21/4/1837 d1899 IN CHILE [Electrical engineer, invited to Chile in 1859 by the then President of Chile to carry out electrical wiring on the Monedas House - the Presidential Palace.] Married Genoveva Sires (or Cires)
6. Alfred Walter b8/5/1839 in BERKSHIRE, UK [1861 census recorded on HMS Baccante] d1914.  Married 30/9/1871 in BOURKE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA to Ann Dorothea Lauer, b1847 in FRANKFURT ON MAIN, GERMANY, d1913 [daughter of George Lauer and Susannah Spindler]
7. Robert Francis b20/11/1841 d 5/5/1878, a Cook [married 7/8/1864 to Esther Chiddock (b1/12/1840 d27/1/1910, daughter of Robert Chiddock & Esther Hills)]
8. Mary Anne b22/3/1845 [married William Henry Searle]
9. Esther Maria Jones b4/11/1847 married Alex McKnight

Henry James Hewstone and Marie Sarah Powell had at least 10 children:
1. Henry John ("Harry") married Kate Maria Davidson 3/12/1902
2. William Francis d20/3/1934 aged approx. 72
3. Edward James d30/1/1930 aged approx. 67
4. Sophia d7/7/1868 aged approx. 9 months
5. Albert d1/5/1939 aged approx. 68.  Married Sarah Ann Carson
6. Sarah Ann (Annie) d26/6/1935 aged approx. 63
7. Ernest b9/12/1874
8. Emma
9. Maude b13/8/1877
10. Minnie (Min) [did not marry]

William Lovett Hewstone and Genoveva Sires (Cires) had 7 children:
1. Victoria b1863
2. Guillermo b1865
3. Alberto b1867 (see Paola's Line, below)
4. Carlos b1869 d1895
5. Roberto Hewstone Cires b1879 married Rebeca Aldunate Carrera b1884 (See Cecilia's Line, below)
6. Luis E. Hewstone b1881 married Lidia Burotto Perez (see Carlos’ Line, below)
7. Leandro Humberto b1884 (see Cristian's Line, below)

Alfred Walter Hewstone and Ann Dorothea Lauer had 2 children:
1. Walter George b1872 d1874 in CARLTON, AUSTRALIA
2. Emma Dorothea b1876 in CARLTON, AUSTRALIA

Robert Francis Hewstone and Esther Chiddock had 6 children:
1. Francis b13/3/1866 d 5/12/1948 married to (a) Ellen Skipper Hockley b25/5/1864 d16/9/1900 [daughter of William and Mary Ann Hockley, who also had 3 other children - Elizabeth b1861, William b1862 and Kate b1868] (b) Caroline Sophia Gerhold b16/12/1869 d17/11/1911 [daughter of Nicholas Gerhold (b1826) FROM GERMANY and Helena Elizabeth Bannenberg b1833 FROM GERMANY.  Nicholas & Helena had 6 children: Helena Elizabeth Johanna b20/12/1857, Ann Eliza b8/3/1860; Christian b12/12/1863; Ellen Eliza (Minnie) b12/9/1865; Caroline Sophia b16/12/1869; Henry Edward b1874.  Henry Edward married Caroline Hewstone] (c) 1912 Katherine Elizabeth Giffen]
2. Robert Alfred b22/5/1867 d 3/7/1869
3. Esther Anne b21/9/1870 d7/7/1871
4. George William b21/4/1873 d24/8/1960 [recorded in 1881 census as living in a children’s home in Bethnal Green], married 7/4/1897 in Shoreditch to Marian Alice Walton (b1/1/1874 d31/10/1970) MOVED TO CANADA THEN TO DETROIT, USA, LEAVING ENGLAND BETWEEN 1897 & 1901
5. Alfred Arthur b8/3/1875 d 26/2/1962 MOVED TO CANADA IN 1894, then to Africa as a missionary.  Died in AJUKODO, NIGERIA.  Married (a) 24/5/1897 to Lydia Gertrude Brownell (b2/2/1874 d20/9/1913) (b) 2/10/1916 to Annie (Nancy) Gillett (b23/12/???? d22/12/1936)
6. Caroline Victoria b22/8/1877 d6/5/1964 [married (a) 3/4/1899 to Henry Edward Gerhold; 3 children: Edith, Harry, Stanley] MOVED TO CANADA c1911 [Harry Gerhold married Jennie (Mary) Wojusska (Polish) and had 1 child William Harry Gerhold who in turn married Kitty.  William Harry and Kitty Gerhold had 4 children:  Douglas (1 child Dakota); VALARIE b14/2/1952 RESIDENT IN ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO (1 child Megan, who has 2 children, Kaitlyn & Case); Cynthia Marie (1 child Madison); William (b) to a Mr. Hoschna]

Henry John Hewstone and Kate Maria Davidson had 1 son:
1. Herbert Harry Arnold b1/1/1904 married 1929 to Rosetta Horton d1974. Herbert and Rosetta lived for many years in Lyttleton, New Zealand and ran the Horbourlight Picture Theatre.  They had no children

Albert Hewstone and Sarah Ann Carson had 1 son:
1. Albert Edward William b17/12/1898 married (a) Henrietta Rita Maude Stanley and had a son, Clifford who married Phyllis (surname unknown) in 1940. Clifford and Phyllis had a daughter, Rosemary who married a Mr. Walker (b) Beatrice (surname unknown)

Francis Hewstone had 8 children by his three marriages:
1. Herbert b10/1/1894 d20/9/1981 [married 3/7/1920 to Muriel Grace Fletcher b17/2/1896 d18/4/1961, daughter of John Fletcher & Margaret Burtt]
2. Mabel b17/2/1888 d29/1/1981 [married 15/1/1916 to Herbert Oates b15/12/1888]
3. Daisy b13/10/1889 d16/6/1976 [married in 1915 to Francis Thomas Dean]
4. Frank b9/2/1891 d12/5/1912 [unmarried]
5. Ethel Violet b25/6/1902 d17/3/1988
6. Reginald Jack b27/10/1907 d18/8/1989 [married 27/10/1934 to Muriel Alice House b 30/9/1913 d 3/4/1985, daughter of James George Torrens House b8/6/1889 d4/10/1964 and Alice Mary Weyland b25/8/1888 d2/11/1973 IN AUSTRALIA]
7. Nellie b1/8/1895 d20/1/1974 [married 17/5/1926 to William Henry Wilson IN CANADA] (See Sarah's Line, below)
8. William George b4/6/1892 in Shoreditch d2/4/1894

George William Hewstone and Marian Walton had 2 children:
1. Florence Mabel b10/11/1897 d18/3/1980 [married 16/10/1920 to Edward F. Weiss b30/8/1893 d22/11/1946.  Florence and Edward had 1 son, Walton Weiss b22/12/1920 d20/12/2000.  Walton married Helen Dudley and had 4 children, including NANCY WEISS RESIDENT IN SOUTH LYON, MICHIGAN USA. Nancy and her 3 siblings have 10 children]
2. Leslie George b4/1/1900 d17/10/1991 [unmarried].  Leslie was rumoured to be a whisky runner during prohibition, using a speed boat to bring liquor across the Detroit River from Canada.

Alfred Arthur had 2 children by the first of his two marriages:
1. Wilson E A Hewstone b30/3/1899 d2/12/1990 IN MILWAUKEE, USA.  Married 18/8/1919 to Marion Helen Bestow (b9/12/1900 d27/12/1990); had 2 daughters, Gertrude (Trudy) & LaRita Aileen (Lauri) b 12/10/1924 d25/1/2004
2. Alfreda Helen b21/2/1902 d12/6/1904

Herbert Hewstone and Muriel Grace Fletcher had 3 children:
1. Muriel Joan Margaret b13/1/1923 d9/11/1991 married Cyril Joseph Stanley Oakley
2. Margery Shirley b17/5/1929 d21/2/2003 married (a) Edward Raymond Sage (b) Geoff Rochford
3. John Lewis b26/4/1931 d16/8/1965 married 8/9/1956 to Hazel Phyllis Britton b3/3/1933, daughter of Arthur James Britton b1900 d1974 and Phyllis Nottage b1904 d1933.  [William Britton and Elizabeth Mary Bale had a son Arthur John Britton b1870 d1926 married Mary Ann Elizabeth Roberts d1946 who had 2 sons Alfred Britton and Arthur James Britton.  Arthur Nottage d20/3/1924 married Annette Mary Hamblin b1866 d21/2/1947 (daughter of Samuel Hamblin b1821 d3/1/1887 and Argentine Elizabeth Clay b22/8/1833 d10/7/1887) and had 6 children: Kenneth, Stella, Daphne, Muriel, Lilian & Phyllis]

Mabel Hewstone and Herbert Oates had 2 children:
1. Enid Mabel b4/2/1919 married 7/9/1945 to Desmond Enfield Le Moignan b20/4/1921 and had 2 children:  Michael John b 30/9/1947 and Anthony Shaun b 16/1/1958.  Michael John had 3 children by Anne Lamont-Fisher: Dominic Rupert Lamont b 25/1/1984, Nicolas Thomas Lamont b 6/5/1986 and Charlotte Louise Lamont b 17/5/1989.  Anthony Shaun married 15/10/1983 to Paula Kim de la Haye b 24/8/1959 and had 2 children: James Desmond Snowdon b 8/1/1990 and Piers Marquand Enfield b 31/3/1992
2. Charles Herbert Colin b 9/11/1926 married 9/9/1950 to Mary Francis b 30/4/1926 and had 5 children:  Nancy b 6/12/1951 (married Akos Kaszas, 2 children Naomi Zita b28/8/1980 and Akos Oliver b 14/2/1983), Thomasina Jane b 5/2/1953 (married Roger Douglas Lee, 3 children SOPHIE ANNA PHOEBE b 14/5/1982 (married 10/7/2004 to Simon Paul Pickard and had 2 children: Eleanor Shirley Pickard b 4/6/2005 and Jeremiah John Pickard b 2/7/2006), Joanna Kathryn b 14/6/1985 and Lydia Rose b 15/6/1990), Giles Edmund b 12/1/1955 (married Lynda Trixie Jout, 3 children Christopher b 17/2/1988, Gary Richard b 27/12/1990 and Jack Laurence b 23/5/1992), Susan b 21/3/1957 (married Clive Anthony Solman, 2 children Emily Jane and Fiona Louise, who had one child by Will Coonan:  Chloe Louise Coonan b 29/9/2004), Martin Benedict b 31/3/1969 d 23/11/1992

Reginald Jack Hewstone and Muriel Alice House had 6 children:
1. June Caroline b5/7/1935 [married Donald William Benbow]
2. Frank Herbert b11/2/1937 [married Maxine Janice Poole b21/8/1940]
3. Robert Allan b19/2/1937 [married (a) Colleen (b) Pam M.] children: Cathy, Glen & Paul
4. Alice Muriel b19/12/1940
5. Ian Howard b20/8/1945 [married Johanna H] children include Sandra
6. Anthony Ernest b31/7/1947 [married to Suzanne K. Hewstone (separated)]

Muriel Joan Margaret Hewstone and Cyril Joseph Stanley Oakley had 2 children: MOVED TO SOUTH AFRICA
1. Martin Clive Oakley b 3/10/1952 married Carol Anne Whisstock (b30/1/1947) on 18/9/1974
2. Diana Margaret Oakley b28/7/1956 married Christopher Paul Vogt (b23/9/1953) on 6/4/1975 [MOVED BACK TO UK FROM SOUTH AFRICA]

Margery Shirley Hewstone had 2 children by her first marriage to Edward Raymond Sage:
1. Maureen Frances Sage b28/9/1954 [married Stephen Bircham]
2. Roger Paul Sage b11/3/1953 [married (a) Janet Elaine Lewis (b) Susan Elizabeth Lynds (c) Melanie Anne Fogg]

John Lewis Hewstone and Hazel Phyllis Britton had 2 children:
1. GORDON LEWIS HEWSTONE b8/10/1958 married Wendy Joyce Foster b3/4/1962, daughter of John Harold Foster b16/6/1930 & Joyce Gwendoline Shaw b28/10/1931
2. Linda Grace b16/2/1961 married Joe Wong b17/10/1958

Frank Herbert Hewstone and Maxine Janice Poole had 2 children:
1. Karen Anne b19/5/1963 [married Colin Kenneth Naylor]
2. Joanne Lee b1/11/1965 [married Thomas Patrick Fitzgibbon]

Anthony Ernest Hewstone and Suzanne K Hewstone had 3 children RESIDENT IN ALICE SPRINGS, AUSTRALIA:
1. David Anthony b1978
2. RACHEL ANN b1982
3. Daniel Lee b1983

Martin Clive Oakley and Carol Anne Whisstock had 2 children:
1. Michael John Oakley b7/8/1978
2. Katherine Susan Oakley b1/7/1981 married 9/7/2005 to Robert Henry Nelson, 2 children: William Harris Nelson b24/12/2005, Rachel Lee Nelson b29/1/2009

Diana Margaret Oakley and Christopher Paul Vogt had 3 children:
1. Ingrid Sarah Vogt b23/10/1975 [married Alan Michael Hunt on 9/1/1999], son Bradley Ryan Hunt b29/1/2004
2. Bruce Robert Vogt b28/11/1980
3. Kelli Angela Vogt b28/11/1984

Maureen Frances Sage and Stephen Bircham had 2 children:
1. Sarah Grace Bircham b8/9/1983
2. Clare Ellen Bircham b26/7/1990

Gordon Lewis Hewstone and Wendy Joyce Foster had 2 children:
1. Douglas John b23/3/1994
2. Emmeline Hazel Joyce b4/5/1996

Linda Grace Hewstone and Joe Wong had 2 children:
1. Paul Wong b1/9/1993
2. Stephen Wong b18/4/1996

Roberto Hewstone Cires b1879 (son of William Lovett Hewstone, above) and Rebeca Aldunate Carrera b1884 had 3 children:
1. Lucia Hewstone b1901 married Pedro Gonzalez
2. Ines Hewstone b1910 (had 2 daughters)
3. Gustavo Hewstone b1915 married Aida Gasmuri and had 1 son, Gustavo Hewstone b1938 (died unmarried)

Lucia Hewstone and Pedro Gonzalez had 3 daughters:
1. Maria Gonzalez Hewstone b1923 married (a) Miguel del Valle and had 1 daughter, Gloria del Valle (b) Jorge Elzo and had 1 son Cristian Elzo
2. Rebeca Gonzalez Hewstone b1928 married Miguel Ortiz de Zarate and had 1 son, Leon Ortiz de Zarate, died age 21
3. CECILIA GONZALEZ HEWSTONE b1943 married Romualdo Carmona and had 4 children, Andrea Carmona b1971, Pamela Carmona b1972, Daniel Carmona b1975, Michelle Carmona b1978

Luis E Hewstone, b1881 (son of William Lovett Hewstone, above) and Lidia Burotto Perez had 5 children:
1. Enrique Hewstone Burotto married Marta Murua Vila
2. Jorge Jose Hewstone Burotto b1916 d7/1/2002 married Juana Huidobro Justiniano
3. Eliana Hewstone Burotto [married Mario Urrutia Montero]
4. Maria Josefina Hewstone Burotto (married Ion Decebal-Cuza)
5. Luis Hewstone Burotto married Marina Arqueros

Enrique Hewstone Burotto and Marta Murua Vila had 5 children:
1. Marta (Margarita) Hewstone-Murua (USA) had six children:
(i). Tadeo Carrasco (Chile) married Carmen Arayaand had three children: Gabriela Carrasco Araya (Chile), Valentina Carrasco Araya (Chile), Fernando Carrasco Araya (Chile)
(ii). Felipe Andres Carrasco (deceased) married Cristina Geise and had two children: Tania Martina Carrasco (USA), Daniel Enrique Carrasco (USA)
(iii). Pia Maria Carrasco (USA) married Luis Aviles and had two children (divorced): STEPHANIE RAYMOND (married to Scott Raymond (USA) have one child: Peyton Scott Raymond), Camila Paz Aviles (USA)
(iv). Tomas Gabriel Carrasco (USA) married Tere Carrasco and had one child: Tomas Carrasco (USA)
(v). Gonzalo Carrasco (USA) married Marcela Larenas and had two children (divorced): Nicolas Carrasco (USA), Rafaela Carrasco (USA)
(vi). Francisco Carrasco (USA) married Isabel Cordero and had three children (divorced): Nicole Carrasco (USA), Gaston Carrasco (USA), Pablo Carrasco (USA)
2. Maria Isabel Hewstone-Murua married Patricio Elisegaray RESIDENT IN WASHINGTON DC, USA
3. Christian Hewstone-Murua (CHILE) married Maria Loreto Gil Del Canto [3 children: Christian Hewstone Gil, CAROLINA HEWSTONE GIL, Maria Manuela Hewstone Gil].  Christian Hewstone Gil married Marcela Valenzuela, 1 daughter: Constance Hewstone Valenzuela
4. MARIA PAZ HEWSTONE-MURUA married Gregorio Schapiro, Architect RESIDENT IN FLORIDA, USA
5. Maria Gloria Hewstone-Murua married Alejandro Wotherspoon RESIDENT IN WASHINGTON DC, USA

Jorge Jose Hewstone Burotto and Juana Huidobro Justiniano had 6 children:
1. Jorge Hewstone-Huidobro (CHILE)
2. Beartriz Hewstone-Huidobro (CHILE)
3. Juan Carlos Hewstone-Huidobro RESIDENT IN PUERTO ORDAZ, VENEZUELA
4. Ernesto Hewstone-Huidobro (CHILE) married Maria Eugenia Garcia Compos, had 2 children:
(i) Carol Andrea Hewstone Garcia (married Renato Bustos, had 3 children: Rosario Bustos Hewstone, Maximiliano Bustos Hewstone, Mateo Bustos Hewstone)
(ii) MARIA JOSE HEWSTONE GARCIA (3 children: Camila Arroyo Hewstone, Sara Munoz Hewstone, Santiago Munoz Hewstone)
5. Maria Cecilia Hewstone-Huidobro (died aged 20 in CHILE)
6. Teresa Hewstone-Huidobro (CHILE)

Eliana Hewstone Burotto and Mario Urrutia Montero had 5 children:
1. Maria Eliana Urrutia Hewstone (died in CHILE) married Patricio Daniel Navarrete
2. Luis Mario Rafael Urrutia Hewstone (married Paz Elizabeth Martinez) (CHILE)
3. Maria Angelica Urrutia Hewstone (married Gonzalo Petschen (Swiss, one of the owners of the Petschen brewing company and former Chief Financial Officer of the Dupont Dow chemical company, since retired) RESIDENT IN SANTIAGO, CHILE
4. Luis Eduardo Urrutia Hewstone ("Patricio") (married Veronica Velloni) (CHILE)
5. Maria Consuelo Urrutia Hewstone (married to (a) and (b) Gonzalo Hoces de la Guardia) (CHILE)

Maria Josefina Hewstone Burotto and Ion Decebal-Cuza had 5 children:
1. Patricia Decebal-Cuza Hewstone (CHILE) had 2 children: Rodrigo Garcia Decebal-Cuza and Patricia Garcia Decebal-Cuza
2. Juan ("Johnny") Decebal-Cuza Hewstone (CHILE) had 6 children from 2 marriages: ION DECEBAL-CUZA HIJERRA, Marcia Decebal-Cuza Hijerra, Ilona Decebal-Cuza Hijerra (from first marriage);  Maria Fernanda Decebal-Cuza Galeb, MARIA FRANCISCA DECEBAL-CUZA GALEB, Ian Decebal-Cuza Galeb (from second marriage)
3. Veronica Decebal-Cuza Hewstone (CHILE) had 3 children: Mauricio Loy Decebal-Cuza, Miriam Loy Decebal-Cuza, Macarena Loy Decebal-Cuza
4. Maria Antonieta Decebal-Cuza Hewstone (CHILE) Had 3 children: Carlos Tejeda Decebal-Cuza, Ignacio Tejeda Decebal-Cuza and Pablo Tejeda Decebal-Cuza
5. Jorge Decebal-Cuza Hewstone (CHILE) had 2 children Jorge Decebal-Cuza Alvarez and Isadora Decebal-Cuza Alvarez

Luis Hewstone-Burotto and Marina Arqueros had 4 children:
1. Rafael Hewstone-Arqueros (CHILE)
2. Ignacio ("Nacho") Hewstone-Arqueros (CHILE)
3. Pablo Hewstone-Arqueros (CHILE)
4. Alejandra Hewstone-Arqueros (CHILE)

Maria Isabel Hewstone Murua and Patricio Elisegaray had 2 children:
1. Isabel Margarita Elisegaray Hewstone b1973 RESIDENT IN CHILE
2. Ignacio Javier Elisegaray Hewstone b1978 RESIDENT IN CHILE

Maria Paz Hewstone-Murua and Gregorio Schapiro had 3 children:
1. Natalie Chaia Schapiro Hewstone b1986
2. Nathan Ian Schapiro Hewstone b1989
3. Samuel Benjamin Schapiro Hewstone b1990

Maria Gloria Hewstone-Murua and Alejandro Wotherspoon had 3 children:
1. Paula Wotherspoon Hewstone b1981
2. Andrea Wotherspoon Hewstone b1983
3. Carolina Wotherspoon Hewstone b1984

Juan Carlos Hewstone RESIDENT IN PUERTO ORDAZ, VENEZUELA, 3 Children:
1. CARLOS HEWSTONE b1972, RESIDENT IN PUERTO ORDAZ, VENEZUELA (both Carlos and his father work at the ‘Orinoco Iron factory’ in Venezuela; they have been resident in Venezuela since 1978)
2. Patrico Hewstone b1974 RESIDENT IN CHILE

Maria Eliana Urrutia Hewstone and Patricio Daniel Navarrete had 2 children:
1. Maria Soledad Camus Urrutia (CHILE)
2. Patricio Camus Urrutia (CHILE) (has 2 daughters)

Luis Mario Rafael Urrutia Hewstone and Paz Elizabeth Martinez had 4 children:
1. MARIA PAZ URRUTIA MARTINEZ (married Gonzalo Aguirre Bravo) (CHILE)
2. Macarena Alejandra Urrutia Martinez (married Pablo Pizarro Canas) (CHILE)
3. Matias Ignacio Urrutia Martinez (CHILE)
4. Mario Andres Urrutia Martinez (CHILE) (Matias Ignacio Urrutia Martinez and Mario Andres Urrutia Martinez are twins)

Maria Angelica Urrutia-Hewstone and Gonzalo Petschen had 4 children:
1. CRISTIAN PETSCHEN, architect & President of Inter-Material LLC, in 1999 awarded design of the year for the American Airlines Arena (stadium) by the American Institute of Architects.  Engaged to be married to Regina Martinez Elizondo Alaniz, daughter of the late Supreme Judge of Monterrey, Eduardo Martinez Alaniz
2. Gonzalo Petschen, married Mary Frennek, 2 children Nicolas and Antonia RESIDENT IN MINNEAPOLIS, USA

Luis Eduardo Urrutia Hewstone ("Patricio") and Veronica Velloni had 4 children:
1. Maria Jesus Urrutia Velloni
2. Juan Ignacio Urrutia Velloni
3. Francisco Javier Urrutia Velloni (Juan Ignacio Urrutia Velloni and Francisco Javier Urrutia Velloni are twins)
4. Felipe Urrutia Velloni (CHILE)

Maria Consuelo Urrutia Hewstone had 2 children:
1. German Diaz Urrutia (CHILE)
2. Rodrigo Diaz Urrutia (CHILE)

Leandro Humberto Hewstone b1884 (son of William Lovett Hewstone, above) married (a) Laura Dardignac d12/10/1910 (b) Miss Burotto, had 6 children (1 by his first marriage and 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 by his second marriage:
1. Laura Hewstone Dardignac b10/1/1910 d13/7/1992 married Carlos Monreal Moreau
2. Beatriz Hewstone Comte (deceased)
3. Cecelia Hewstone Comte
4. Luis Hugo Hewstone Comte d1977
5. Renato Hewstone Comte married Lala Martinez (Spanish) (deceased)
6. Jorge Hewstone Comte (deceased)

Laura Hewstone Dardignac and Carlos Monreal Moreau had 13 children:
1. Juan Luis
2. Laura d1993
3. Maria Eugenia d1964
4. Maria Teresa
5. Luis
6. Cristian
7. Gabriel
8. Augusto
9. Alfredo
10. Cristina
11. Guillermo
12. Erika
13. MARCIAL (5 children: Veronica b c1980 married, no children; Sebastian Ariel b c1982 married 3 children; Sebastian Enrique b c1983 unmarried; Barbara Andrea b c1986 unmarried; Maria Cristina b c1991)

Renato Hewstone Comte and Lala Martinez had 3 children:
1. Cristian Hewstone Martinez d2007
2. Cecilia Hewstone Martinez
3. Mitzy Hewstone Martinez d2005

Cristian Hewstone Martinez married Maria Teresa Oliger (from Lodringen, France), 4 children:
1. CRISTIAN HEWSTONE OLIGER , proprietor of Hewstone & Puga Ltda. married (a) Maria Alicia Correa Larrain (b) Barbara Lyon
2. Nicole Hewstone Oliger
3. Jacqueline Hewstone Oliger, 1 daughter Nicole b October 2008
4. Felipe Hewstone Oliger

Cecilia Hewstone Martinez married Hector Chinchon ALL RESIDENT IN MONS, BELGIUM (moved from Chile in 1973), 3 children:
1. Juan Pablo Chinchon-Hewstone
2. Maria Paz (Pachi) Chinchon Hewstone - 1 child
3. Paulina Chinchon Hewstone - 1 child

Mitzy Hewstone Martinez is married and has 1 child:
1. Ximena Guerrero Hewstone - 2 children:  Tomas and Michael Schmidt

Cristian Hewstone Oliger and Maria Alicia Correa Larrain, RESIDENT IN CHILE, 4 children:
1. Cristian Andres Hewstone
2. Jorge Hewstone
3. Maria Alicia Hewstone
4. Florencia Hewstone b26/7/2002

Alberto b1867, son of William Lovett Hewstone had one son:-
1. Norman d1977 married Luzmira Avendano d1978

Norman Hewstone and Luzmira Avendano had 5 children:-
1. Alfredo Hewstone Avendano d1978
2. Aurora Hewstone Avendano
3. Norman Hewstone Avendano
4. Samuel Hewstone Avendano
5. Daniel Hewstone Avendano married Ana Luisa Quintana

Alfredo Hewstone Avendano had 2 daughters:-
1. PAOLA (3 children: Israel, Barbara and Belen)
2. Jennyfer (no children)

Aurora Hewstone Avendano, had 2 children:-
1. Roberto (had one son)
2. Andrea (had one daughter)

Norman Hewstone Avendano had 3 children:-
1. Norman (has 4 children)
2. Freddy (had 2 children)
3. Tamara (had 3 children)

Samuel Hewstone Avendano had 2 children:-
1. Jimmy (had one son)
2. Evelyn (no children)

Daniel Hewstone Avendano and Ana Luisa Quintana had one son:-
1. Will Scott Hewstone Quintana b1992

Nellie Hewstone and William Henry Wilson had 2 children:
1. William Alan b26/12/1928 d5/2/2000 [married Shirley Anne Carden b24/2/1930, daughter of Hector Dunbar Carden b10/7/1904 d13/10/2001 and Hellen Middleton Rosie b30/11/19??]
2. Ronald Herbert b??/??/1930? [married Marlene Flasha]

William Alan Wilson and Shirley Anne Carden had 6 children:
1. Julie Anne b24/10/1948 [married James Louis Junod]
2. Robin Ellen b4/4/1951 [married 12/08/72 to Peter Malcolm Horne, son of Thomas Percy Horne b1906 and Charlotte Eleanor Pike b1910]
3. Ronald Alan b1/7/1953 [married Karen Musgrave]
4. Heather Isabelle b20/8/1956 [married Mark O'Neill]
5. Jamie Dunbar b27/1/1964 [married Laura Beaupre, divorced]
6. David Alan b27/1/1964, 1 daughter Noelle Caroline b7/10/2000

Ronald Herbert Wilson and Marlene Flasha had 1 child:
1. Randie b28/9/19?? [married Pearl]

Julie Anne Wilson and James Louis Junod had 3 children:
1. Jeffrey Andrew b8/8/1970? (adopted) [married Tracie], 2 children:  Ashtyn Deanna b28/10/1998 & Cade Jeffrey b27/10/2002
2. Jessica Leanne b??/4/1978
3. James Edward Alan b??/4/1980, 1 daughter Emma b28/3/2001

Robin Ellen Wilson and Peter Malcolm Horne had 2 children:
1. SARAH KELLI b17/6/1977
2. Erin Emily b12/11/1980

Ronald Alan Wilson and Karen Musgrave had 2 children:
1. Lindsay Allison b24/10/1985
2. Sean Thomas b5/12/1989

Heather Isabelle Wilson and Mark O'Neill had 1 child:
1. Liam Conner b22/1/1999
2. (Mark O'Neill had one male child upon entering into the marriage with Heather Wilson: Seamus Patrick b??/04/1989)

Jamie Dunbar Wilson and Laura Beaupre had 3 children:
1. Kaitlyn Dawn b29/5/1989
2. J.D. Alan b9/2/1992
3. (Laura Beaupre had one female child upon entering into the marriage with Jamie Wilson: Jamie Lee b5/9/1986)

Randie Wilson and Pearl had 2 children:
1. Michael b13/12/1992
2. Lauren b14/2/1995


Richard Hewstone b1750 married Sarah; 1 son:
William b1770 c 26/1/1770 at St. Ann, Blackfriars, married Susan (or Susanna) Mary

William & Susan Mary Hewstone; had 4 children:
1. Sarah Dorothy Newell c10/8/1794 married 25/3/1827 to Henry Wilkinson
2. William Richard Abraham b1800 c23/3/1800 at St. Giles, Cripplegate, d18/10/1886.  Married Sarah Studd on 16/4/1826 at St. James, Clerkenwell
3. Henry John Harold c15/8/1802 d Sept 1880 married 12/2/1837 to Ellen
4. Susan Mary Harold c6/5/1804, d1876 unmarried

William Richard Abraham Hewstone & Sarah Studd had 9 children:
[NOTE: 1851 census:-  William Hewstone listed as a Toymaker living at 60 Britannia Row, Islington, London together with Susan, 22; William, 20; Daniel, 13; Prudence, 12; Henry,10; Alfred 6; then, separated by a line, Sarah, 23.  Sarah is listed out of sequence as she was not present in the household when the census was taken]
1. Sarah b1828 (c16/3/1828)
2. Susannah b4/3/1829 d3/1/1909 married (a)16/4/1857 IN GEELONG, AUSTRALIA to Simon Carman c6/2/1809 d1883 and had 10 children: Susannah b17/8/1854 d20/11/1940, John (born and died in 1859), Sarah Jane b1862, John b22/3/1861 d9/12/1934, Jane, Elisabeth b1864, Prudence b1866, Mary b1869, Adelaide Louisa b1871, Louisa (b)1887 to George Haines. The father of Susannah (b1854) was Captain Henry Dunsford and she maried Arthur Frederick Rogers.
3. William b4/1/1831 d23/6/1873 also a Toymaker [married 18/4/1853 to Isabella Jane Secretan b17/7/1834 d10/3/1903 - details confirmed in a family bible; marriage witnessed by Sarah Hewstone].
4. Benjamin b1833 d 25/1/1905, a Gold-beater, married Maria Fitzsimons.  Lived at 31 Story Street, Islington.  [1851 census records Benjamin as an Apprentice to William Buckland, gold leaf maker, at 5 Birds Buildings, Islington]  (See Graham's & Ivor's Line, below)
5. Samuel b1836 (or 1835?) d1905 [married (a) 29/1/1865 to Frances Elizabeth Proderick (b) 6/2/1876 to Jane Hunt b 17/10/1842 (daughter of William Hunt & Mary Dowsett)] (See Christine, Barbara & Gary's Line, below)
6. Daniel b1837 d1857
7. Prudence b1839 d1866
8. Henry Harrold b24/6/1841 d1870
9. Alfred [1871 Census: recorded as a waiter living at 13 Leigh Street, Finsbury; 1881 Census: recorded as a coffee stall helper/holder living at 7 Albert Square, Finsbury] b29/11/1844 d Dec 1892 married in 1866 to Mary (Ann) Jarvis had 5 children:  Alfred Miles b1868 (approx.) d14/7/1929 married Emily Walker d23/11/1939 (See Alfred Miles' Line, below), William b 1870 (approx.), Matilda b 1874 (approx.), Ernest John b 1877 (approx.), Herbert b 1880 (approx.)

William Hewstone & Isabella Secretan had 9 children:
1. Isabella Jane b20/6/1854 [buried in Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney / Stoke Newington]
2. Emily Eliza b25/6/1857 married 1880 in Islington to Frederick John Adams had 4 children: Elsie A. Adams, Alice E. Adams, Winifred Grace Adams and Ernest Charles Adams
3. Sarah Harriet b12/4/1859 married 1883 in Islington
4. Prudence b26/8/1862 married 1888 to Robert Whitaker had 1 child: Bertha Whitaker
5. Mary Ann b26/1/1864
6. William John b5/10/1866 d3/9/1922 married 25/2/1905 at St. Marys Parish Hall, Johannesburg to Alice Hunt b7/3/1880 d15/5/1946 (See Robert's Line, below).  Alice Hewstone (nee Hunt) later remarried 7/5/1928 to Michael Stephen Galvin b8/2/1878 d15/5/1955
7. Henry (Harry) b28/8/1868 in Edmonton [family bible records name as Harry and Date of Birth as 20/8/1868].  Married 7/8/1899 to Grace Fry b16/3/1872 had 1 child:  Grace Hewstone b1900
8. Thomas b7/10/1870 [Printers Compositor, served as a Royal Marine in WWI] married 1892 to Amy Maslin b1869 (See Keith's Line, below)
9. Rose b21/8/1872

Thomas Hewstone and Amy Maslin had 5 children:
1. Thomas b10/10/1893 d1942 married 1917 to Dorothy Maud Kerslake d1966.  [Thomas was a Kings Scout and holder of every available Scout Badge and the Silver Wolf.  Twice commended for bravery; he was awarded a medal for saving a horse and cart which went out of control on Westcombe Hill and dived through ice on a canal to save a man from drowning.  In WWI he served as a dispatch rider in the King’s Royal Rifle Corps and was severely wounded and invalided out in 1917.  Served as a Major in the Home Guard in WWII.  Formed Thomas Hewstone & Co. Ltd., timber hauliers, with Edwin (Ted) Kerslake and Keith Overall and later H. O. K. Transport Ltd with William John Hewstone plus Overall & Kerslake.  Keith Overall died c1933 and was replaced in the companies by his wife.  Ted left the companies some time during WWII, the others buying his shares, and Ted died shortly afterwards in an accident at work.  Both companies were Nationalised c1947]
2. Amy (died giving birth to Doreen c1920)
3. Grace married Edwin Kerslake (brother of Dorothy Maud).  One son, David born c1930 d24/12/2006 married June ???
4. Doris married c1933 to Jack Woollard.  Two daughters Maureen and Valerie
5. William John b 14/4/1904 married 1936 to Irene E. V. Nichols (later divorced) had a son, JOHN DAVID (b11/3/1937) RESIDENT IN NELSON, NEW ZEALAND, no children

Thomas Hewstone & Dorothy Maud Kerslake had 3 children:
1. Philip Thomas b27/3/1924 [married 15/2/1947 to Audrey Rita Aubin b26/8/1925 d 19/2/1994]
2. Gwendoline Dorothy b10/6/1921 married 1943 to Charles Anthony Richards (d1985).  Two children Carolyn Susan and Ian Christopher Thomas
3. RONALD KEITH HEWSTONE b22/12/1928 married 26/7/1952 to Audrey Cole (b2/7/1929)

Philip Thomas Hewstone & Audrey Rita Aubin had 2 children:
1. Ann Susan b5/2/1949 [married 26/4/1975 to Reginald Batcheler; 2 children:  Neil Philip Batcheler b1/9/1976; David Reginald Batcheler b1/2/1980]
2. KEITH PHILIP HEWSTONE b9/4/1952 married 17/8/1974 to Gillian Linda Harding (b10/6/1953)

Gwendoline Dorothy Hewstone & Charles Richards had 2 children:
1. Carol Richards [married John Brooks; 2 children:  Julian Brooks; Tristram Brooks]
2. Ian Christopher Thomas Richards [married Margaret Allitt; 2 children:  Sarah Richards; Graham Richards]

Ronald Keith Hewstone & Audrey Cole had 3 children:
1. Miranda Myra b12/2/1955 married 10/9/1983 to Keith Anthony Fagandini (b15/5/1956); 2 children:  Hugo Antony b21/2/1987 and Maximillian Benedict b2/7/1990)
2. Miles Ronald Cole b4/8/1956 married 5/7/1986 to Claudia Maria Hammer b21/5/1959 FROM GERMANY [Professor Miles Hewstone, Fellow of New College, Oxford University]
3. Priscilla Rosemary (changed name to Patricia) b24/4/1959 married 9/9/1989 to David Alexander Kentish McCarthy (b6/5/1969); 3 children:  Holly Kimberley b3/12/1992, Jeremy Lewis b15/7/1995, Philippa Grace b7/8/1998.  MOVED TO AUSTRALIA

Keith Philip Hewstone and Gillian Linda Harding had 2 children:
1. Paul Keith Hewstone b27/6/1976
2. Clare Melanie Hewstone b19/1/1979]

Miles Ronald Cole Hewstone and Claudia Hammer had 2 children:
1. Rebecca Maria b21/5/1991
2. William Timothy Miles b2/4/1994

William John Hewstone and Alice Hunt had 4 children:
1. Harry b8/12/1905 d10/12/1905
2. John (Jack) Hunt b3/6/1908 married 31/5/1934 to Edna Martha Clur. [lived in PORT ELIZABETH, had no children]
3. May b10/6/1911 died unmarried
4. Rex Hunt b3/2/1913 d13/9/1975 married 30/4/1938 in Port Elizabeth to Dorothy Larter b19/6/1915 d18/10/1983  [lived in EAST LONDON, SOUTH AFRICA before moving to JOHANNESBURG in 1942]

Rex Hunt Hewstone and Dorothy Larter had 3 children:
1. ROBERT (BOB) HUNT b21/4/1939 married (a) 20/4/1963 to Pamela Nadine Denham b19/1/1944, divorced in 1974 (b) 11/2/1983 to Marjorie Lopes (nee Scullard) b5/6/1946 [Marjorie Lopes had 4 children from her previous marriage: Daryl Lopes b30/9/1968 unmarried; Morgan Lopes b26/9/1969 unmarried; Antonio Lopes b12/7/1973 married 18/9/1999 to Colette Caveleros; Renato Lopes b17/7/1974 married 14/7/2000 to Nicole Van Der Westhuizen b27/2/1976, 1 child: Clayton Lopes b5/10/2000]
2. Wendy Dorothy b24/4/1942 d8/10/1987 married March 1962 to Rodger Bruce Krog [lived in JOHANNESBURG and later CAPE TOWN. After Wendy's death Bruce moved to PRETORIA and remarried Anne]
3. Peter John b7/2/1944 married 3/6/1967 to Hazel Ismay Denham (sister of Pamela Nadine Denham) b17/8/1947

Robert (Bob) Hunt Hewstone and Pamela Nadine Denham had 2 children:
1. Barry Robert b17/6/1965 married 26/1/1991 to Annie Serano divorced in 1993, no children
2. Susan Anne b19/4/1968 married 22/9/1990 to Marc Victor McDonald b28/12/1961.  2 children: Matthew Bernard McDonald b4/3/1994 and Jessica Nadine McDonald b6/8/1996

Wendy Dorothy Hewstone and Bruce Krog had 3 daughters:
1. Kim Krog b9/10/1962 married 27/6/1980 to Richard Van Der Walt, 3 children: Bennette Van Der Walt b10/1/1981; Tarryn Van Der Walt b13/4/1984; Ryan Van Der Walt b12/6/1989
2. Karen Krog b13/6/1965, 1 son: Jared b26/6/1984
3. Kerry Krog b20/5/1966 married 23/4/2005 to Michal Ciesla, 1 son Tomek Ciesla b14/11/2005

Peter John Hewstone and Hazel Ismay Denham had 2 children:
1. Sharon Lea b30/10/1968 married 27/7/1994 to Steve Webber, subsequently divorced 15/9/2001. 1 daughter Wendy Samantha b7/2/1995. Steve also adopted Sharon's daughter from another relationship, Theresa Lea b23/7/1987
2. Gordon James b11/5/1971 married 6/8/1994 to Petra Badorf b29/12/1972

Gordon James Hewstone and Petra Badorf had 2 children:
1. Jason b5/10/1995
2. Shelley b20/11/1998

Benjamin Hewstone & Maria Fitzsimons had 7 children:
1. Mary Agnes b26/9/1863
2. Benjamin William b10/9/1865 a warehouseman.  Married Mary Ann Brant on 17/3/1886
3. Prudence b1868 in Clerkenwell married James Warrell b1864
4. Henry b1873
5. Elizabeth b1875
6. Charles Earnest b13/4/1879 married 1903 to Barbara Theresa Droughton; they separated c1920 and Charles disappeared.
7. Arthur b1882

Benjamin William Hewstone & Mary Brant had 3 (or 4!) children:
1. Richard William Benjamin b31/7/1886 d 30/11/1954 [a Cabinetmaker].  Married 10/5/1913 to Lily Grace Turnpenny.  (See Ivor's Line, below)
2. Elsie Katherine b1890 in Hackney d1893
3. Herbert Henry b1894, d1968 married Lilian Eliza Wall b28/1/1897 d27/2/1977.  (See Graham's Line, below)
4. Horace b1898, married Phyllis Helen, d1978 [a Watchmaker]
5. Dorothy ("Dora") b1892 [died 1961, found after death to be a man!  Is this Dorothy Hewstone, recorded in 1901 Census as b London Dalston, age 8]

Charles Earnest Hewstone & Barbara Theresa Droughton of 35 Pelham Road, Ilford, had 3 children:
1. Barbara
2. Margaret
3. Alan (Joseph) Hewstone b21/4/1914 married Barbara Lee

Alan (Joseph) Hewstone & Barbara Lee, had 2 sons:
1. MARTIN HEWSTONE b21/11/1944 married Carolyn Meier RESIDENT IN TWICKENHAM
2. Joseph Hewstone b25/6/1951 RESIDENT IN TWICKENHAM

Martin Hewstone & Carolyn Meier had 2 sons:
1. Peter Alexander b30/10/1982
2. Daniel Richard b26/10/1984

Richard William Benjamin Hewstone & Lily Grace Turnpenny had 2 children:
1. Winifred Grace b18/1/1916 d 20/12/1972
2. Ronald William b16/12/1917 married Muriel Violet Turk on 24/4/1943

Ronald William Hewstone & Muriel Violet Turk had 2 children:
1. Roger Graham b7/3/1947 married Judith Vivienne Jackson on 20/12/1972

Roger Graham Hewstone & Judith Vivienne Jackson had 2 children:
1. Stephanie Jane b11/2/1971
2. Peter Michael b12/8/1973

Herbert Henry b1894, d1968 married Lily Eliza in 1918, 7 children:
1. Joan b1919, [3 children: Elizabeth, Margaret, Susan]
2. Herbert Denis b25/9/1920 married Diana Schwab.  Herbert Denis is the Godfather of Graham Denis Hewstone.
3. Peggy (Margaret) b Nov 1922 [married Reginald T. Newman in 1949, 1 child: Anthony]
4. Ronald Henry b8/12/1924 d June 1998 [married (a) Ellen Maud Baker 1948, divorced 1968, (b) May Schaeffer 1968]
5. Leslie R b Aug 1926 d Dec 2004 married 1951 to Stella Robertson d July 2000
6. Pamela b January 1937 married Colin Campbell
7. Wendy b1933

Denis Herbert and Diana had 5 children:
1. Corinne b Feb 1953
2. Christopher D C b Nov 1960
3. Carl S b Feb 1962 d May 1962
4. MATTHEW b1965 married to Tamsyn, one son Maximilian Joseph b18/10/1999
5. Deborah (deceased aged 17)].

Ronald Henry Hewstone had 4 children by his two marriages:
1. GRAHAM DENIS b5/4/1950 married (a) Anne Turner (b) Patricia Renoust [RESIDENT IN PARIS, FRANCE]
2. SALLY ANNE b17/2/1955 married Colin Tuppen, divorced August 1998; Children Matthew James Karl b8/9/1978, Charlotte Louise b24/10/1979 d24/10/1979 [RESIDENT IN ROMFORD]
3. Julie Ronelle b11/9/1956 married Graham Payne, since divorced; Children: Lauren Angela b5/5/1984, James Christopher b2/10/1986
4. Melanie Jayne b23/10/1965 (married Paul Smith, now Paul Hewstone-Smith, one daughter, Grace b10/10/1991)

Graham Denis Hewstone; 4 children by his two marriages:
1. Virginia Anne b10/2/1973 2 children: Amy Louise Amos b5/2/1994, Lily Frances Townley b5/11/1999.  Married 6/8/2010 to Morgan David Hinton
2. Jessica Louise b8/10/1976 married 2/7/2002 to Steven Loryman, 2 daughters Rachel Clare b4/4/2006, Emma Brooke b2/5/2008
3. Estelle Michel b20/9/1978
4. Leana-Chloe b5/12/1994

Leslie R Hewstone and Stella Robertson had 2 children:
1. Carolyn
2. Nicholas Duncan b8/1/1953 married 12/7/1980 to Jayne Deborah Parr, one daughter Katie Deborah Hewstone b9/3/1991

Samuel Hewstone, b 1836 (or 1835) is recorded by Gary as being the son of William Hewstone, believed to be William Richard Abraham Hewstone & Sarah Studd.  Samuel had 3 children by his two marriages:
1. Susan Emily b25/101869 at 26 Hatton Wall, Hatton Garden, Holburn married 1893 to Charles Alfred Wills had 2 children: Elsie Wills and Charles A. Wills
2. William Samuel b1878 [?married 1905?]
3. Archibald Francis b1/71881 at 41 Shakespeare Road, South Hornsey married (a) 1/10/1910 to Eliza Elizabeth Bowers [daughter of John William Bowers] d1921 (b) to Elizabeth Annie Sandell b11/10/1902 d30/1/1944

Archibald Francis Hewstone, at least 9 children by his two marriages:
1. Charles Edward b11/1/1915 d1992 married 12/11/1938 to Rosina Frances Bartley b1916 d1982
2. Ivy b1921 d20/2/2003 married George Myall 10 children: Terrence, Maureen (married to John Moore, RESIDENT IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA) Colin, Christine (deceased), David, Nigel, Gwen (deceased), Tina (deceased), Mavis (adopted), Heather (adopted)
3. John 'Jack' Frederick b7/9/1912, d1983 married Grace Cooper d1/1/2004
4. Dorothy 'Dolly' May b1919 married (a) Dennis Freestone (b) John Summers. 5 children: Barry, Raymond, Roger, Clifford, Susan.  Dorothy died in BRIGHTON
5. Walter 'Wally' Henry Hewstone b1916 Newbury, UK, fishmonger d1978 married Phillis Anderson
6. Roy Robert Victor b22/12/1929 d1984 in SOUTHEND.  Married 1950 to Sheila Joyce Frost, had 3 children
7. Leonard Alfred Francis b16/12/1925 married Jean Bingham, had a daughter, Pamela Pearl
8. Margaret Pearl b8/10/1933 in Southend-on-Sea married 1952 to Peter Hay White d2002, had 4 children: Alan b1953, Colin Peter b1955 (died aged 4 months), Peter Hay b1956 and Beverley Janet  b1964 moved to BRISBANE AUSTRALIA in 1968.  Alan married Beverley Soloman in 1991, one child: Hayleigh b1993.  Peter Hay married Susan Parker in 1980, two children: Amanda b1985 and Adam b1988. Beverley Janet married Anthony Ayers in 1988, four children: Tamara b1991, Kaitlyn b1994, Briana b1995, Daniel b1999.
9. Joyce Irene May b7/9/1927 married John William Carr b25/2/1927 d1/11/1989, moved to AUSTRALIA in 1973 had 6 children.
[Charles and Walter were placed in a Children’s Home]

Charles Edward Hewstone and Rosina Frances Bartley had 3 daughters:
1. Brenda Frances b1939 [married Reg Anderson - brother of Phillis Anderson, above (now deceased), no children]
2. Pamela Rose b1945 [married John Sage (now deceased), 2 children:  Tina, Kerry]
3. Janet Ann b1947

John Frederick Hewstone and Grace Cooper had 5 children:
1. JOAN FRANCES b6/1/1944, one daughter, Katherine Abigail Wallace b10/5/1985
2. David John b1946 married to Sue
3. James Frederick b21/5/1948 (married 19/12/1970 to CHRISTINE HAWKEN d24/10/2015)
4. BARBARA ALICE b1950 has 2 children: Darren (who has 4 children: Hannah b4/6/1992, Paige b19/10/1995, Layla b19/3/1998, Danny b22/9/2004) and Dawn (who is adopted and who has 2 children: William b28/2/1994, Joseph b26/1/2005)
5. Stephen Martin b4/6/1969

Walter Henry Hewstone and Phillis Anderson had 2 children:
1. Valerie [married Harry Stace, 4 children: Kevin (died c2006 aged 41), Yvonne, Stephen, Martin]
2. Michael b Romford 20/9/1943, d20/9/2010, married Diane Tolson]

Roy Robert Victor and  Sheila Joyce Frost had 3 children:
1. Christine b1952 d1974 married N. Beattie, 1 daughter, Joanne
2. TERENCE ROY b1954 married 1973 to Christine Hutchins RESIDENT IN LLANGADOG, CARMARTHENSHIRE
3. Paul (married twice, divorced twice)

Joyce Irene May Hewstone and John William Carr had 6 children:
1. JACQUELINE ANN CARR b15/4/1949.  Married a Mr. Barbouti, 2 children: Haytham b7/5/1981, Romilly b21/9/1986.
2. Ronald John Carr b20/2/1951, 5 daughters:  Michelle, Pamela, Stacey, Tammy, Laura.
3. Anthony William Carr b7/8/1957, married 20/1/1990 to Gillian Lynn Jones, 1 son:  David Anthony b13/9/1997
4. Cheryl Elizabeth Carr b5/3/1960 married 17/12/1983 to Richard Konings, 5 children:  Brendan John b22/11/1984, Matthew Jacob b11/9/1987, Phillip Josh b29/4/1989, Todd Jordan b20/1/1992 (stillborn), Tahlia Johanna b9/6/1993
5. Brian Phillip Carr b20/8/1962 married 9/3/1991 to Julie Debra Hewitt, 3 children:  James John b20/11/1992, Samantha Emily b9/2/1994, Emma Victoria b12/2/1999
6. Gillian Irene Carr b13/3/1964 married 5/10/1985 to Peter Holoubek, 2 sons:  Daniel Peter b6/8/1988, Cameron William b25/9/1990

James Frederick Hewstone & Christine Hawken had one son:
1. Mark Jason b14/1/1972 (married 25/12/1992 to Anna Sergeyevna Lupey (Russian); one child Alexander Mark Hewstone b14/5/1997

Michael Hewstone and Diane Tolson had one son:
1. GARY MICHAEL HEWSTONE b13/4/1970, married 31/12/1992 to Julie Ann-Marie Sears b1970.  Two children:
1. Lucas William Michael b28/1/2006
2. Zack Edward Michael b16/10/2009

Terence Roy Hewstone and Christine Hutchins had 2 daughters:
1. Tara b1975
2. Kelly b1976

Paul had 3 sons from his two marriages:
1. Steven
2. David
3. Harry

Alfred Miles Hewstone b 1868, fisherman sailing out of Grimsby, Lincs. [1891 Census: recorded as lodging with Mary, Robert and Annie Siddle of 138 Hamilton Street] Married Emily Walker, domestic servant, b22/11/1891 d23/11/1939, daughter of Thomas and Phoebe Walker (nee Read).  They had 9 children plus thier first child who was stillborn (christenings probably at St. Andrews Anglican Church, Freeman Street, Grimsby):
1. Emily b4/12/1893 married S. Walters (died in WWI).  2 children: Sidney & Emily
2. Phoebe b14/5/1896 married G. Douglas. 1 daughter: Phoebe
3. Lillian (Lilly) b14/1/1899 single parent for 10 years then married G. Skelton. 1 son:  Arthur Hewstone RESIDENT IN SOUTH YARRA, AUSTRALIA (see below)
4. Rose b19/1/1901 married R. Roper. 2 children: Dr. Kenneth Roper (deceased) & Irene
5. Ivy b14/7/1903 married H. Smalley. 1 daughter: Pearl
6. Daisy b4/11/1906 married W. Beels. 1 son: Arthur
7. Violet b?/4/1908 died of pneumonia at approx. 10 years
8. Polly b14/5/1910 married name unknown
9. Alfred Sidney b1/8/1915 d17/9/1998 married Bessie (surname unknown)

Alfred Sidney Hewstone & Bessie had 2 sons:
1. Myles b 28/7/1940 married (a) Jean Topple 2 children: Andrew b28/2/1961 & LAURA b28/2/1964 (b) Clare.  [Laura has two children:  Ruby Louise Dobbs b19/5/1991 (father David John Dobbs) & Alec Myles Hewstone b19/11/1994 (father Mark Leslie Cuerton).  Married 27/9/2008 to Steven Antony Miller]
2. Grahame D. Hewstone, Insurance Broker in Grimsby, UK, married 1970 to Pamela

Grahame D. Hewstone & Pamela had 3 children:
1. PAUL HEWSTONE b1971 married 1997 to Paula Wilson
2. Sarah b c1975
3. DAVID HEWSTONE b20/8/1984

Arthur Hewstone, son of Lillian married Irene Sender (from Hanover Germany), 3 children:
1. MICHAEL LUDWIG HEWSTONE b8/7/1948 in Lincoln, UK. Married Diane Plymin
2. Ingrid b23/1/1950 in Lincoln.  Married Michael Atherton (no children)
3. Caroline b1/7/1960 in Pietermaritzburg, S. Africa. Married (a) Christopher Farmer (deceased) (b) Allan Begg.

Michael Ludwig Hewstone had 4 children, the first three from his marriage to Diane Plymin, the fourth with Rosalie Vagg: 
1. Jemma Caroline married 5/3/2005 to Andrew John Campbell, one daughter Madison Jade Campbell b7/8/2006
2. RENEE BERNADESE married Arthur Chondros, one son Ryder Pericles Hewstone Chondros b12/10/2004
3. Jessica Louise married Justin Todd, one son Taj Hewstone Todd b29/6/2007
4. Brent Evans

Caroline Hewstone had 4 children, the first three from her marriage to Christopher Farmer, the fourth from her marriage to Allan Begg:
1. Ingrid
2. Astrid
3. Tom
4. Jordan


George [owner of general store at 24 Tait Street, Stepney] married Lydia Anne Golightly had 7 children:
[Also listed under 24 Tait Street, Stepney:
Roll of Honour for the victims of the sinking of HMS Cressy on 20th September 1914:-
GOLIGHTLY, Able Seaman, WILLIAM, SS/3110. Royal Navy. Age 27. Son of Lydia A. Golightly, of 24, Tait St., St. George in the East, London. The web page is:]

1. Lydia b1/10/1905 d7/4/1988 [married Fred Dunkley, one son, Allan]
2. George jnr married "Flo"
3. Herbert John ("Bert") b 24/7/1909 d28/5/1980 [flew on the Dambusters raid, May 16/17 1943, as Wireless Operator F/Sgt. H. J. Hewstone in Lancaster AJ-F, ED918/G piloted by F/Sgt K. W. Brown, RCAF. This aircraft flew in the third wave and successfully bombed the Sorpe Dam.]  Married Rose Jones LIVED IN ROMFORD, ESSEX
4. Joe married Mabel Charlotte Boyce b25/4/1908 d19/2/1999
5. Henry James b16/7/1913 d17/7/1988 married Winifred b31/8/1919 d3/1/2007.  [Henry James served in WWII in the Rifle Brigade, reaching the rank of Company Sgt Major.  Mentioned in Despatches for bravery & awarded the Laurel Leaf]
6. Charles Frederick b30/11/1915 d12/5/2005 [worked as a Civil Servant in Chesterfield] married Eileen Curtis (divorced and subsequently deceased)
7. Alfred Ernest b30/7/1920 married Julia McCarthy (d15/7/1995), RESIDENT IN WARE, HERTS

Herbert John Hewstone & Rose Jones had 2 children:
1. Graham J Hewstone RESIDENT IN NORWAY
2. Lesley

Joe & Mabel Charlotte Hewstone had 2 children:
1. VICTOR JOSEPH b22/12/1935 RESIDENT IN WITHAM, ESSEX married (1) Marion (2) [A - name withheld on request]
2. Stanley George b22/9/1940; d 7/2/1980?, 1 daughter, [B - name withheld on request] [B's mother was A.  Stanley George died before they were married and A subsequently married Victor]

Henry James & Winifred Hewstone had 2 children:

Charles Frederick Hewstone & Eileen Curtis had one son:
1. Anthony Leslie married 1966 to Margery Sambridge RESIDENT IN WHITSTABLE, KENT

Alfred Ernest Hewstone & Julia McCarthy had 2 children:
2. June Maureen b23/7/1949 RESIDENT IN UK

Anthony Leslie Hewstone & Margery Sambridge had 2 children:
2. ESTELLE NATALIE b1976 married 13/8/2005 to Louis Florentin-Lee RESIDENT IN LONDON, 2 children: Lucien Georges b12/12/2007, Anais Cecile b20/7/2010

Peter Clive & Alison Hewstone had 2 children:
1. Karl James b c1974 RESIDENT IN READING, BERKS married Sarah; 2 children: Callum James born 9/11/2003, Holly b26/6/2006
2. Helen Ann b c1979 RESIDENT IN FLEET, HANTS

Victor Joseph Hewstone had 3 children (No.s 1 & 2 by Lucy Quest [never married], No. 3 by A):
1. Jonathan Victor b18/1/1965 [daughter:  Ella Charlotte Louise b24/6/1998]
2. Amanda Jane b29/12/1970, married Darren O'Donnal [3 children:  Bradley Adam Ross b9/11/1988, Declan C J Reece b7/12/1991, Caira Megan Brook b26/1/1998]
3. [C - name withheld on request], male

David Robert Hewstone & Dinah had 2 children [BOTH RESIDENT IN ONTARIO, CANADA]:
1. Julia Marie Robillard (nee Hewstone) b18/6/1972
2. Jennifer Lee b19/7/1974

Extracted from the Farnsworth family tree pages at (email: and from David J. Glasscock (
Samuel Remington married Lady Hewstone, one son:
Samuel Hewstone Remington [b England, d Charlestown, NH, USA] married Esther Farnsworth.
3 children:
1. William Remington b14/5/1773
2. Samuel Hewstone Remington b30/11/1777
3. Esther Remington b1786/7
[Lady Hewstone stated in Remington family tree to be ‘from a wealthy branch of English nobility’.  Hewstone was used as a middle name in the Remington family around 1800]

From The Lambert family tree
Peter Fitzwalter Lambert [JP & High Sheriff in 1891], b8/12/1848 d24/2/1894 married July Mary Hewstone d27/5/1939, 5 children:
1. Walter Peter Lambert Lt-Col MC
2. Henry Alexander Lambert Cmdr RN
3. William Robert Lambert Capt
4. Amelia Lizzie Lambert
5. Mary Georgina Lambert OBE, JP

Jacob (Jack) Haughenstein (SWISS) changed his name to Hewstone on moving to the UK.  He died in 1994.  His wife, Rosa Hewstone, died 19/9/1998.

From Charlotte Holbrook-Call web page:
Thomas Morris, born c1608 married Grissie Hewstone, born c1600, child:
 Edward Morris, born 30/8/1630; married Grace Bett.


John & Margaret Hewstone; child:
Elizabeth c15/11/1778

Richard & Mary Hewstone; children:
George c14/12/1800
Sarah c28/8/1803

William & Mary Hewstone; children:
Elizabeth Sophia c24/4/1796
Louisa Kezia Mary c4/3/1798

Morris & Sarah Hewstone; children:
Elizabeth c9/9/1764
Morrice c23/2/1766
John c10/12/1769
William c26/1/1770
Thomas c30/11/1772

Richard & Dorothy (nee Stutter) Hewstone [married 31/12/1786] child:
John c28/8/1788

William & Isabella Hewstone; child:
Anne c28/4/1754

Thomas & Elizabeth Hewstone; children:
Mary Ann c19/8/1821
Anne c25/9/1825
John c18/5/1828
William c5/9/1830
Henry Thomas c28/7/1833
Eliza c8/4/1838
John & Ellen Hewstone; children:
Ellen Elizabeth c10/?/1856
Anne c26/4/1863
James c26/4/1863

Henry Thomas Hewstone married 31/1/1855 to Catherine Ellen Gregory; child:
Joseph Thomas c18/4/1858

Peter & Elizabeth Hewstone; child:
Mary c7/1/1696

James & Mary Hewstone; children:
Mary c15/10/1727
James c31/10/1736
Sarah c11/2/1738

James & Mary Hewstone; child:
Richard Christian 10/7/1826 [is this date in error]

Ralph Hewstone; child
Sarah c19/5/1613

William & Elizabeth Hewstone; child:
William c22/5/1835


Prudence b10/8/1838

Eliza b22/11/1843 in Carmarthen

Clara b1864 in Brighton

Elizabeth b1866 in Edmonton

Emily b1868 in Holborn

William Henry b1869 in Islington (is this William Hewstone b 1870 (approx.), son of Alfred Hewstone and Mary (Ann) Jarvis in the line descended from Richard b1750?)

William F. b1878 in St. George East

Alfred F. b1879 in St. George East

Herbert G. b1879 in Islington

Florence E. b 1882 in Islington

Mabel Ellen b1885 in Islington, married 1906

George b1885 in St. George East

Thomas William b1886 in Poplar

Earnest H. b1888 in Islington

Emily F. b1894 in Caistor

Phoebe b 1896 in Caistor


Anne Hewstone married Joseph Marks 13/5/1754

George Hewstone married Catherine Jones 16/10/1768

Sarah Hewstone married Christopher Warwick 11/11/1792

Catherine Hewstone married George Lowen 18/7/1820

Bridget Hewstone married Michael McFarlane 19/11/1848 in Edinburgh, Scotland

James Hewstone married Nancy McNelly 16/4/1805 in Clinton, Kennebec, Maine, USA


Henry Hewstone d1828 aged 45 in New South Wales, Australia (from NSW Pioneers Index 1788-1888)

Passenger Lists

A. Hewstone, aged 36, single, miner, born England, steerage class on "Rangitoto" Melbourne Australia to Lyttleton, NZ on 19/11/1868

Names & Places

 Hewstone Watchmakers, Enfield, Middx, UK
 S. Hewstone, Bristol

 Maria Teresa Hewstone Y Castillo Ltda., medical suppliers; email:

New Zealand
 Mrs. Rosemary Hewstone
11a Clouston Street,
St. Martins,

From Griffith's Valuation, dated 1851 (see
Mrs. Maria Louisa Hewstone is listed as the Landlord of a house, office, yard and gar(?) rented by one Thomas Ryan. The property was located in Main Street, Town of Tipperary, Ireland.


[age is at date of census, year of birth calculated by simply subtracting from 1901 – this may mean year of birth is in error by 1 year, depending on relative dates of census and birthday].

Name    Place of Birth    Date of Birth    Age at Time of Census    Place of Residence
Mary    Bracknell, Berks    1861    40    Hackney
Mary    London    1816    85    Harlaxton, Lincs
Richard    St. Lukes, London    1866    35    Hackney

[Location in brackets is location at time of census]

Mary Hewstone, b Bracknell Berks (Hackney) 1861, age 40

Mary Hewstone, b London (Harlaxton, Lincs) 1816, age 85
[recorded as living off of own means]

Richard Hewstone, b St. Lukes, London, (Hackney) 1866, age 35
[warehouse manager]

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