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We have considerable experience and expertise in domestic conveyancing and offer an efficient personal service at a competitive price.

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access law LLP is an accredited member of the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS)

access law is an accredited member of the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS). Firms qualifying for CQS must undergo strict assessment, compulsory training, self reporting, random audits and annual reviews, all of which is designed to ensure that clients can expect their conveyancing matters to be conducted to the exacting high standards required by the scheme, including:-

As of 14th January 2013 access law were confirmed as re-accredited to the Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

Southampton conveyancing solicitors

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conveyancing solicitors in Southampton

At access law your case will be conducted by members of our highly qualified and experienced legal team.

Southampton conveyancing solicitors

What you can expect to pay

When considering the cost of buying and/or selling a property it is worthwhile bearing in mind the TOTAL cost which may include the following:-

Estate Agents' Fees

Shop around for the best quote (or consider advertising in the local paper or on the Net - an ad costing a few pounds may save you hundreds!). It always surprises us to see how much people are prepared to pay in estate agents' fees when compared to how much they will pay a Solicitor. Yet while a good Estate Agent may effectively introduce buyer and seller to each other and assist in a smooth transaction, it is the Solicitor who is responsible for making sure that the house you buy actually ends up being legally yours or the house you sell is actually legally sold and that all the money, deeds etc. end up with the right people!

Removal Costs

Make sure the company is reputable and insured to cover damage to your belongings (or hire a van and do the job yourself!)

conveyancing solicitors in Southampton

Solicitors Fees

Shop around for the best quote but make sure that the cost quoted includes not only the fee for carrying out the legal work for you but also the other charges which must be paid when buying or selling property.

Our Conveyancing Fees are based on the price being paid for the property(s). Given below are some typical examples (VAT is included):-

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Southampton conveyancing solicitors

Other Legal Fees

These may vary from region to region or with the value of the property but the following are given as examples:-

In addition, when applicable we charge:-

conveyancing solicitors in Southampton

Search Fees

A Search conducted prior to the purchase of a property is an investigation designed to uncover specific and important details about the property. The information uncovered may have a serious impact on a person's decision to buy the property or the value they place on it.

Searches may disclose information which may affect it’s value, the cost of maintaining it, its re-sale value, its habitability or expenditure relating to the property.

There are a number of different types of searches:-

Southampton conveyancing solicitors

Further Information

conveyancing solicitors in Southampton

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